The Top 5 Best USB Backup Power Sources for Your Mobile Devices

Having an iPhone, Android smart phone, ebook reader like a Kindle, or other type of mobile devices can make you more efficient, more in tune with your friends and family, and keep you up to date.  But what happens when you are running low on power for your device and you aren’t able to charge it?  USB Batteries are external battery packs and chargers that will power and recharge your devices anywhere without access to an electrical outlet.

They 4 key things to look for in a mobile device battery pack are:

  • Power – How much power do they store?
  • Size – Will it fit in the space you have for it (in a bag, attached to device, etc)
  • Connections – Will it connect and power your device?  How can you recharge it?
  • Durability – These things will travel with you and need to be durable

Based on these criteria, here are our top five USB battery chargers for your mobile devices:

USB Battery5 – First up is the Splash Intense 5400mAh External USB Battery Pack. This small unit weighs in at providing 5400 mAh of power which is going to be several recharges for today’s smartphones.  This unit has two output USB ports to charge two devices at once which is a great feature when you need it.  The battery pack also comes with a wealth of charging tips for many popular phones and includes the standard USB options to power things like Blackberries, Kindles, Nooks, and other e-reader mobile devices.  This unit recharges via your USB port on your computer and lets you know instantly what the current charge is via blue L.E.D.s on the front of the unit.  This is great to be able to know before that upcoming trip if you need to top the battery pack off.  This is easy to use, has a large power capacity, and is a stylish unit to carry around  with the many connection tips that are included making it a great buy.

xpal USB Battery XP20004 – Next on our list is the Energizer XP2000 Universal Rechargeable Power Pack.  This tiny unit has lots of things going for it.  Weighing it at only 2.4 ounces, this certainly isn’t going to weigh you down.  It packs 2000 mAh of backup power which isn’t a ton but enough to get a full recharge on most devices except for tablet computers like the iPad or iPad2.  This unit is recharged via usb and comes with six cell phone tips including Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod), LG, Samsung, Balckberry/HTC/Motorola (Mini USB), Micro USB and Nokia.  A very cool program that Energizer is rolling out is the Free Tips for Life program which enables you to instantly qualify for two FREE phone charging tips per year for the life of your product.  This is a great add-on to ensure the USB battery pack is useful for years to come.  The XP2000 also comes pre-charged and holds its charged for up to a full year utilizing Energizer’s great low-discharge battery technology.  This is a great solution to get and put away for occasional or emergency use without having to worry that it has lost it’s charge while sitting unused.

3 – Coming in at number three is a versatile power charger: the ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External Battery Pack featuring USB Batterytwo USB charging ports, a handy visual battery meter, four (4!) ways to charge including AC, DC – Car Charging, Micro USB, and mini USB.  It even comes with a built-in L.E.D. flashlight!  This is a great unit for those who need an occasional extra boost to their iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or other mobile device and aren’t sure if they are going to be outdoors, in a car, or by a computer when they need it.  The trade off for this type of flexibility and extra options is the amount of power the battery pack stores.  This will provide one good recharge for a phone or e-reader and then pretty much be ready to be recharged itself.  This is great to get topped off or provide an all-in-one emergency solution for backup battery power.  Considering it’s price (under $30), it’s a great solution and is top-rated for light power needs users.

USB Battery2 – Our runner-up for the best backup power source is the New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 11000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger.  This black piano finished device is not a small unit but packs a huge punch!  This is the heavyweight when it comes to backup power.  The IMP 1000 will get you an extra 50 hours of iPhone 4 charge – that can get you through an entire vacation without needing to recharge!  At 11000 mAh of power, this device can store over 7 times the battery capacity that a typical android smartphone can deliver.  Coming with a handy drawstring bag so you can keep the battery pack and it’s many connection options together is another nice touch.  For travelers who can go quite a while without a reliable power source for their phones, e-readers, or GPS units, this is the way to go!

1 – Coming in at number one is the superb New Trent iDual-Port External USB Battery New Trent iDual-Port Pack IMP50D 5000mAh External USB Battery Pack and ChargerPack and Charger.  This is a sleek and small (think deck of cards) pack with two usb ports to charge two devices at the same time.  Now charging your phone and your GPS at the same time is easy to do.  This unit has tons of power (5000mAh to be exact and has enough juice to charge an iPhone 4 three times over!  Then, when it’s time to recharge the battery pack, simply plug it in to your USB port on your computer, and it’s ready to go.  This unit is very affordable for the power and features it provides which is why it ranks at #1 on our list here at