The TV of the Future

HP seems to be leading the pack in Ethernet TV’s. This model has a media center built in that can stream video from another PC, such as a Media Center PC, either wired or wirelessly. This is the future of television because our society is desensitizing to time and place. By recording your TV on a media center and watching it whenever and wherever (within reason) you want, you’re untied from both the timing of the show and the tube you’re watching it on. Right now I can watch TV on the Media Center PC or on any laptop in the house. I’ve got a remote control for one of the laptops, but I hardly ever use it. The replacement of cathode-ray tube coaxial TVs with Ethernet TVs is basically like replacing each old type of TV with a smart-TV that can play streaming content as well as regular live TV. One might ask why not just use a PC, which can do other things? My answer is BECAUSE it can do other things, its usually not best for watching TV on the fly. The cost of one of these TVs is $1700 right now for a 37in LCD flat panel, but it will come down over time.