Taylor vs. Yonah, not Merom! Bulldozer vs. Merom!

AMD seems to be playing catch-up with Intel. Apparently the Taylor chip is a response to Intel’s Yonah chip. The latest Intel chip, the Core 2 Duo is codenamed, Merom. This article explains AMD’s reaction to the Core 2 Duo:

“Response to Merom

Unfortunately, AMD will not be able to immediately match the performance of Intel’s next generation Core 2 Duo mobile processor, codenamed Merom. Instead, AMD will be focusing on the mainstream market, where performance is not a major issue. AMD maintains that Turion 64 X2 will still hold advantages in platform design at a value.

According to industry insiders, AMD’s response to Merom, codenamed Bulldozer, won’t appear until 1H 2007.”