Mornings are Made for Mini PCs

It’s 4 Am, the time when song lyrics are written and mad capers are planned.  I keep an HP Mini 1000 next to my bed.  I got it for myself and to have something to show pitches to clients with.  I do web design in Indianapolis. I’ve been experimenting with how this PC fits into my life.  Its bigger than a cell phone, smaller than a normal-sized laptop, and has no optical drive (CD-ROM or DVD tray).  I couldn’t afford to get the 3G card or bluetooth (the truth is I didn’t have the cash for either the mini1000 or the color laser printer I bought on charge, but to get both and stay under the $800 limit, I had to cut those options.)  I did go for the upgrade to a 10.2 inch screen and then my wife found a coupon code to get us just under our HP credit card limit.  I could write a whole other blog about why that is a bad idea, but I tend not to follow my own advice.  I had two web clients in the wings, but only one landed so now I should be scrambling, but its more like floundering.  Anyway, back to the mini PC.

I’m 6’5″ tall and  my hands are relative to my body, but the mind is a very powerful thing and even though the keyboard is smaller, the hands adapt quickly.  Everything seems to be where it should be on the keyboard.  I especially like the large shift keys which even my wife’s 17 inch laptop does not have.   I buy HP laptops primarily for the ability to turn off the touchpad when typing.  No other manufacturer has this feature.  HP is all in all a good brand though (HP, my referral check can be sent to PO Box 55, Tipton, IN, 46072, thanks.)  The speaker sounds like a tin can, which is to be expected.  Just use headphones.

So how has the mini PC fit into my life so far?  I have been keeping it in my bedroom and can now watch movies instantly on Netflix before  going to bed, remote desktop into my PC downstairs for access to Photoshop or more power computing, or wake up in the middle of the night and blog at 4AM.  Its now my choice to make.  My neck hurts from looking down at the night stand.  If I hold the mini PC on my lap my legs hurt from having to “keep themselves together, man.”  If I lay on my belly, my neck hurts worse.  If I lay on my back, putting it on my belly, same thing.  In summary, the mini PC HAS to be used in an ergo friendly environment despite being so mobile it could be used anywhere (anywhere there is an Internet connection because without that, this thing is a word processor/paper weight albeit a light one).