Maximum PC – May 2007 – Report

Turn Your PC into Two Using Mojopac for $50

This software clones your Windows installation onto an external hard drive (iPods included) and runs as if it is your other machine, because its using the same hardware, just a different hard drive. So what? Heres why it matters: you can install programs and keep files on this hard drive that are completely separate from your original machine. This means that you could go over to someone else’s machine, plug in, and pick up where you left off or be able to play games at work that you couldn’t install otherwise. Just pull the USB plug when you want to turn it off.

Decrypt iTunes Music Using QTFairUse6 for Free

To strip the DRM from your iTunes libray, download QTFairUse6 here. It only works with iTunes versions 7.02 or earlier and iTunes must be started and running before loading QTFairUse6. You can do one song or your entire library at once. Once converted, they may not play in all versions of iTunes, but you’ll be able to play them in any other AAC player.