Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

Sometimes it pays to be redundant.

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan for business continuity? Do you know what your company would do if a single workstation, a server, or the entire building went ‘down’? These are the plans that are above and beyond baseline data back-up, which you should be doing anyway. If you’re not doing that, stop reading this and back up your data! It should always be in at least two locations with one copy preferably stored off-site.

Disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods are all too common in today’s world, but sadly, business continuity plans are not. Be prepared for not only a loss of data, hardware, and facilities, but also the risk of a pandemic where a third to half of your work force either can’t come in or are sick. How would your business continue to function? Would you still be able to serve your customers? What sort of steps are you taking to prepare for a scenario like this, or worse?

Professional Technology Consulting has years of experience helping companies design and implement disaster planning and documentation. If you or your business is in need of professional technology assistance with how to back-up your data or prepare a disaster recovery site, please contact us and we’ll set up a time to site down and get to know you and your business before ever recommending anything that you don’t need, but hopefully some things that you will find useful-and necessary-to survive the storm.