How to Set Up a Wireless Router in a Dorm Room with LAN access

Most dorm rooms have hi-speed ethernet or LAN access nowadays, but some students choose to broadcast that signal around their room with a wireless router.  However, simply plugging it into the wall like you plug it into your modem at home will not work. This is because you are actually plugging it into another router or switch, not a modem.  This means you'll need to use a crossover cable.

Use a crossover cable to attach your wireless router to the plug in the wall .  This is a special ether net cable that connects the in's to the out's.  A normal or "patch" cable connects in's to in's and out's to out's.  A router connected to another router needs in's connected to out's to communicate.  That's just how its set up because computer NIC's (where it connects to your PC) is setup to connect to a router.