How to Get More Followers on Peach: 5 Ways

Peach is one of the newest and hottest social media apps, but how do you get more followers on Peach?

How to Get More Followers on Peach

1. Post more often

Peach has a “friend-of-friends” feed that allows you to see what some friends of friends are posting. Appearing regularly in this feed is a great way to build up your friend list. To do that, post often.

Why? Because each new posts brings you to the top of your friend-of-friends feed, the more friends you have, the bigger your extended network. That will likely be your biggest driver of new friends to your Peach account.

2. Use your other social media accounts

You probably already have an existing audience on other social media platforms to help build your Peach following. You can use those other social media platforms to ask people to follow you.

People are looking for people to follow right now. Now is the time to build your following. This could be the next Vine. Remember to accept the people who add you and interact with everyone.

3. Create great content

Like any social media account, you want to create content that people actually want to see, but to get people to follow you, create exclusive content as a way to drive people from platforms like Twitter and Snapchat into Peach.

Ideas for exclusive content could be insider photos or information that you only share on Peach or even a contest or giveaway to give people a reason to follow you there and interact with you. That brings us to engagement.

4. Be engaged with your followers

Like Facebook, users have “friends” on Peach and you must be friends with someone to “like” or comment on their posts. Users can also interact with each other via a multi-faceted interaction menu, similar to Facebook’s old Poke feature, friends can wave, boop and send cake to each other.

5. Break content up into smaller chunks

Peach encourages the easy sharing of video, images, gifs and even user-created drawings. The real differentiating factor in the app are Slack-like commands called “Magic Words”. One thing you can do to boost engagement is to break content up into 2–3 short posts instead of one longer one.

If you have a longer post, try breaking up your posts into 2–3 sections. This lets you appear more times in the feed and thus fuels the “friend-of-friends” feed mentioned in point number 1: Post more often. Happy Peaching!

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