How a Trust Metric System for the Internet Might Work

YourSCOR – A New Metric for a New Economy: Ebay came up with one of the first ‘social vetting’ mechanisms, which was their feedback system. For a while, people talked about how it was more accurate than a FICO score. What if there was a way to know ‘trust’ and ‘feedback’ “across all contexts”?

SCOR stands for “Self-Compiled Opinion Report”, which is created by individuals and purchased by corporations like banks and human resource departments to get a better feel for who society thinks the person is. The site would allow you to bring in some ‘guided metrics’, but would also let you add your own. Guided metrics would include:

  • Linkedin recommendations
  • Ebay feedback rating
  • Flippa feedback rating
  • #of Twitter Followers
  • #of Facebook friends
  • YourSCOR recommendations

It could also store achievements and statuses like:

  • Married or single
  • High school, college, post graduate education
  • Foursquare badges
  • Boy scout rank
  • Military rank
  • Tenured status at your job

It could also compile the person’s FICO score (for a small fee), help you apply for credit cards (for affiliate revenue), and even pull background checks as an attachment. It would be like a personal or BBB where people could manage their own reputation online in one place, where they would have a publicly recognizeable score that would be trusted across the country. It may use a Pressure score like Product Management uses or a straight FICO-like score.

Update from CNN 8/26/2013: “A handful of tech startups are using social data to determine the risk of lending to people who have a difficult time accessing credit.”