Google Talk Notification Extensions

This document describes the XMPP extensions that notify clients about email in their Gmail account. Google does not intend for this extension to become a standard and so it is subject to change.

Element or Attribute


<mailbox> Outer wrapper element for all email information.
result-time The time these results were generated, in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch. This value should be cached and sent as the newer-than-time attribute in the next email query.
total-matched The number of emails that matched the q attribute search string in the email query, or the number of unread emails if no query was specified. If total-estimate is 1, this will be just an estimate of the number of emails retrieved.
total-estimate A number indicating whether total-matched is just an estimate: 1 indicates it is; 0 or omitted indicates that it is not.
url The URL of the Gmail inbox.
<mail-thread-info> Element that wraps an email thread.
tid The thread id of this thread.
participation A number indicating the user’s participation level in this thread: 0 indicates that the user has not participated; 1 indicates that the user is one of many recipients listed in the thread; 2 indicates that the user is the sole recipient for messages in this thread.
messages The number of messages in the thread.
date A timestamp of the most recent message, in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch.
url The URL linking to this thread
<senders> Contains one or more <sender> elements, each of which describes an email.
<sender> Describes a single email.
address The email address of the sender.
name The display name of the sender.
originator A number indicating whether this sender originated this thread: 1 means that this person originated this thread; 0 or omitted means that another person originated this thread.
unread A number indicating whether or not the thread includes an unread message: 1 means yes; 0 or omitted means no.
<labels> A tag that contains a pipe (‘|’) delimited list of labels applied to this thread.
<subject> The subject of this email.
<snippet> A snippet from the body of the email. This must be HTML-encoded.

Check out Google’s Gmail and Google Talk Notifications page for examples of how to use Google Gmail extensions.