How Can I Get Microsoft Office for Free?

2014-12-04 15_09_58-Microsoft Office Online - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the webI get this question a lot. People assume either Microsoft Office comes with their computer or that it’s free. It’s not free, but there are some pretty good options out there that are free or that allow you to pay over time.

I have a question for you… Do you or we have a disk that I may use to put Microsoft Word/Works on a personal laptop at my home?  We just got our laptop back from a guy that my husband had “fix” it, but he just dumped everything on it & we do not have the discs to re-install Microsoft.  If you or we do, just let me know.

Microsoft Office isn’t free, but there are a couple of other Office-like solutions for you.


Microsoft Office Online – go to and login with (or create a new) Microsoft account. Once there, you can upload, edit, or create new Microsoft Office files for free.

Google Drive – similar to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive is an online storage and file editing program based in the browser. It can read and create Microsoft Office files for free.

Download and Install: – both the name of the website and the name of the program – like Google Drive, has it’s own format, but also can create and read Microsoft Office files

Microsoft Office is a subscription service for Microsoft Office that lets you pay for it as you go – it starts at $9.99 a month for up to 5 devices. I use this at home.