Arnold Neumaier, The Next von Neumann

Von Neumann helped develop quantum mechanics theories, economic and game theory, nuclear technology, and computer science – so one should take notice when someone is quoted as being “The Next von Neumann”

Arnold NeumaierArnold Neumaier, who some call, “The Next von Neumann”, is an avid Christian and physicist interested in the global Optimization (integrating convexity, optimization, logic programming, and computational algebraic geometry), foundations of mathematics (building an automatic mathematical research system), the foundations of theoretical physics (interpretation of quantum mechanics and statistical physics), and applied mathematics of all sorts (from protein folding to cattle breeding to uncertainty modeling in space system design). He has written books on topics in finite geometry, numerical analysis (Introduction to Numerical Analysis), and Lie algebras.

One of Neumaier’s most cited works (coauthored with Martin Fuchs) is entitled, “Autonomous robust design optimisation with potential clouds,” which states that, “The task of autonomous and robust design cannot be regarded as a single task, but consists of two tasks that have to be accomplished concurrently.” Neumaier writes, “Science is the truth only in matters that can be objectified. In the spiritual world, where values, goals, authority and purpose are located, science has nothing to say. It is a poor life that is restricted to the scientific standard of truth, where you and I are nothing but a collection of atoms without meaning and purpose. Realizing the narrow-minded nature of science opens the gate to an understanding of God that complements the scientific truth and gives life, love and peace.”