A Day in the Life without a Cell Phone

I forgot my cell phone today. I left it at home by accident. This is a story about what happened next.

When I was 16 I thought nothing of driving hours from home without a cell phone. This did not worry me.

I don’t listen to the radio. Every morning I start out by listening to at least one chapter of the Bible.

This morning I sat in silence. I kept thinking, “I should listen to a podcast,” and then, “Spotify.”

I couldn’t listen to either. I couldn’t call anyone to bring me my phone. I just had to sit there and drive.

When I got to work there were no automatic emails sent to alert my wife that I arrived. I had to email her myself.

I sent out Google Hangout chat ‘texts’ to my friends to let them know I don’t have my phone and they could text me there.

I could have brought in my Mac laptop and texted people through iMessage, but I did not. It’s awkward at work.

My wife emailed me to say that I was missing calls. In one case it was a potential new client, but who knows?

She said she would drive 45 minutes to give me my phone. I told her not to.

People are crazy with the phones. -Jerry Seinfeld

When I went to the bathroom, there was no phone to read. When I got back to my desk, all emails were a surprise.

My wife emailed me to ask if I could send a friend some cash. I emailed her back to use my phone to do that.

When I saw a rainbow, there was no camera in my pocket, but this didn’t upset me nearly as much as when I saw a cowboy riding three horses down a busy street during lunch.

When I thought of something I needed to do, there was no way to email myself. I was only alone.

When I got locked out of the office, there was no way for me to call someone to come open the door.

I mentioned to my coworker what I was going through and he said, “That’s everyday for me.” He doesn’t have a smartphone.

I planned on calling my brother today to ask about getting together with his family this Saturday. That didn’t happen. I sent him an email, but not sure if he checks that.

This is the reason why modern shows and movies need to have actors lose their cell phones in order to make things more interesting. Cell phones just make everything easier.