• Foreign Exchange Rate Economic Indicators for GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, & CAD

    Foreign Exchange Rates for the Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, and the Canadian Dollar can all be partially predicted if you know what to look for. Want more exchange rate forecasts? Pound Sterling Be on the lookout for the the latest edition of the Rightmove house price index, which can give indications for […]

  • June 2011 Interest and Exchange Rate Forecast

    The June 2011 RBS Interest & Exchange Rate Forecast (PDF) is out. Interest Rates The Bank of England did not raise rates in June, despite higher inflation due mostly to commodity prices. In order to curb inflation, their Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) may raise interest rates, but it depends on the strength of demand in […]

  • Exchange Rate Forecast

    Exchange Rate Forecast covers European currencies like the Euro, currency converter forecasts, currency charts, American currency, African currencies, US dollar exchange rate history, long term currency exchange rate forecasts, cross-currency swaps, and balance of payment (BOP) exchange rates. If you’re not sure what any of this means, don’t worry, I’ll cover those things here on […]