• A Passion for Soil

    While in West Lafayette at the Han Institute project meeting I was introduced to a man who claimed to have a passion for soil and how it relates to plants, animals, and humans. He was a project manager by trade, most recently working for Eli Lilly through BCForward in Indianapolis. He’s a reflexologist on the […]

  • Calling the Pot Black

    Here is the Mugo Pine, Serbian Spruce, Mum, and more from the Franklin Collection.

  • The Franklin Collection

    Here you see the Buddleia and others from the Franklin Collection. [Update 1/7/2012: This is my first blog post ever. It was originally posted on Blogger. I was inspired to start blogging by my wife, who had been blogging for a couple years prior to this. This post was originally posted on December 19, 2004. […]