• How Will Tablets Affect My Kids?

    How Will Tablets Affect My Kids?

    I wondered if I was making the right decision. I didn’t know. Amazon was having a Prime Day. There were going to be sales. My wife said she wanted tablets for the kids. I bought 3. What effect would it have on the family? Would they ever talk to me again? How would we keep […]

  • Best Android Tablet PCs for Any Budget

    If you’re in the market for a new Android tablet PC, Tablet Comparison has compiled a list of the the best tablet PCs under $300 and the best tablet PCs over $300. You may be surprised how far your dollar can go this Christmas season. Most are Android tablet PCs with the exceptions being Apple’s […]

  • Read Pads Renews Focus on Tablet PC Pads

    Read Pads, our reading pads web site, has changed its focus to covering tablet pc pads. There are many different types of tablet PCs as covered on our tablet comparison web site, but Read Pad PCs focuses on tablet PCs that are specifically called ‘pads’, which include the Android aPad/ePad, Apple iPad, ASUS Eee Pad, […]