• Applying Problem-Solving to Business Strategy

    A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” -Charles F. Kettering, American engineer and inventor Andy Harris is a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Science at Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and has written many books on programming. He was one of my professors at IUPUI and is responsible for […]

  • Thinking About a Starting a New Business?

    I’ve been thinking about starting a new business lately and I wanted to share my process with others as I do it to help those who might be thinking of starting their own business. Every business starts with an idea. That idea may come from you or from someone asking you to do their idea, […]

  • Jim Halpert’s Marketing Company, Athlead

    Jim Halpert is a character in the American version of The Office. One thing that interested me about the final season was Jim’s newly found entrepreneurial spirit. One of Jim’s college friends starts up a sports marketing company using an idea they had come up with in college and offers Jim a chance to partner […]