• Google Will Probably Buy Ebay. Why? Skype Mostly.

    [Update: Microsoft bought Skype from Ebay on May 10, 2011.] Crunch Gear recently reported on Ebay‘s recent quarterly loss due to the purchase of Skype.  Ebay also owns Paypal, a strong competitor to Google Checkout.  Ebay is also a big search company.  Google could only improve on that.  Google wants to get into the phone […]

  • Could we be running Skype on the iPhone soon?

    Apple to open iPhone to outside developers: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/apple-open-iphone-outside-developers/story.aspx?guid=%7B62B086CA-60B4-4378-913E-FD0C21A97BCE%7D My hope is that Skype will be able to run from an iPhone, allowingSkype access from wi-fi spots. This would mean that you wouldn’t beusing your ATT minutes while at hot spots or at your home wifi as youwould be making calls through Skype’s network instead. For […]