• How I Lost 40 Pounds in 4 Months Using Slow-Carb Ideas from The 4-Hour Body

    4 months ago my weight was hovering around 270 pounds with a high of 275. Today it’s down around 230 with a low of 228. Here’s what I changed. While The 4-Hour Body came out on December 14, 2010, I didn’t start applying it’s principals until April of 2013. The first thing I did was […]

  • Grain Harvest? More like Great Harvest!

    I recently wrote about how I typically work and network in Indianapolis and while it started out as a way to discuss how to get the most out of little pieces of the city (what in my mind I call “hacking the day”), it ended up being more about networking and how I spend a […]

  • The Art of Naming a Sandwich

    When one goes to name a sandwich, they normally name it after what lies between the slices of bread rather than the bread itself. Conversely, when someone refers to a set of non-food items that resemble a sandwich pattern, the ‘sandwich’ is often named after the ‘bread’ parts. This may be because most of the […]