• Free Second Chapter of Jessica: Summer Camp

    This is a continuation of the first chapter of Jessica: Internet Access Having gotten accustomed to being able to get online at a pretty regular basis, it was hard to adapt to an environment where access was extremely limited. I had dial-up access at home and in my dorm room at school, but mostly we […]

  • Free First Chapter of My Newest Book, Jessica

    After finishing my first book, I’ve decided to publish the first chapter of my newest book, Jessica. Jessica walked along the boardwalk, moonlight reflecting off her wet, goosebumped skin. I climbed out of the dark lake to meet her. She smiled at me as I wrung her hand in mine saying, “You’re my girlfriend now.” […]

  • Free Second Chapter of a Time Travel Romance, Time Tempest

    This is the second chapter of my first book, which is a story about time travel and growing up into the future called Time Tempest. It’s currently available on Amazon for the Kindle, but you can also read the first chapter here. Charlie raced into his high school and down the hall. He still had […]