• 5 Ways to Compute Cloud Computing ROI

    The future of IT is in cloud computing, but how do you explain that to the “C” level executives? This model uses two specific business metrics and 5 ways that you can explain the ROI of cloud computing to your boss or to the board: • IT capacity – storage (GB or TB), CPU cycles […]

  • ROI on Traditional Mail Marketing Campaigns

    Peter K. Francese, President of American Demographics, is famous for his rule of thumb, “If you get more than two replies for every hundred pieces of mail you send out, you’re doing great.”  This is because in the old days, a 1% return on a direct mail marketing campaign was considered successful and eventually became […]

  • Life ROI

    How to judge the return on investments you’ve made in your life. Using the base point of a high school graduate or GED equivalent aged 17-18 years old, what life investments show the greatest ROI (return on investment).  Is it better to start working for another company right away to build experience and move up the corporate ladder or is it better to sit it out four years in college?