• How to Work a Life of Purpose

    What is my purpose in work? How can I find a career I love? I have been reading Hacker News for the last six months or so and a few days ago I stumbled upon a Jeff Haden piece called “Do What You Love? Screw That”. I admit, this title intrigued me. I had been […]

  • My First Day of Work After Quitting My Day Job

    While I started my own business in 2007, I have been working full time since 2001 doing various things for banks and other institutions. However, my heart was almost never in the work I was doing. I was doing it, but without joy. Eventually, I didn’t feel right thinking about my ‘other life’ for most […]

  • We Climb to Rest

    Skylines, rooflines, and antennas replacing crosses Television the new religion, Reception the new bosses In the morning we rise and fly, Leaving our home to give our best We tune the dial and tweak our lives The sun, it sets. We climb to rest