3×300 Sale on Social Media Management

For a limited time, Erich Stauffer is offering Social Media Management for $300 a month for 3 months to boost your online presence and increase business

Call 317-572-7521 or email us using the contact form – just be sure to mention “3×300” to get this package deal, which is normally priced at $600 a month. Save 50% by acting now.

For $300 a month your company will get these business-booster services:

  • Daily Facebook Updates
  • Daily Twitter Updates
  • A blog entry (post) once a week
  • Online classified ad entries once a month
  • A 5-minute video shot and posted on Youtube once a month
  • Brand monitoring to discover feedback on the web
  • One hour of one-on-one business consulting from Erich Stauffer

Erich Stauffer will “ghost” as you or update, post, and blog right alongside you. We’ll take the time to learn your writing and posting habits; and the services, products, and culture of your business before representing your brand online.

Call 317-572-7521 or email using the term “3×300” to get this package deal, which is normally priced at $600 a month. Act now to save 50%.

What Are Our Basic Costs for Web Design and Maintenance?

Our web sites can range from $600 to $3500 but I doubt you’ll want either of those. Here is what you’ll get for $1200 during our Spring Special (Ends April 21):

  • A custom-designed website co-designed by you to match your company, your brand, and your tastes
  • The training and ability to edit your website content whenever you want
  • In-person meetings, phone and email support
  • ‘One-off’ email setup or email management for your whole company via Google Apps
  • Logo and brand editing with options for logo creation and marketing material creation
  • Acquisition or transfer of your domain (your website address)
  • A Facebook page and Twitter account setup and integration (if not done already)
  • RSS syndication feed from your website
  • A marketing partner that can offer advice on web and traditional based advertising

After the website is complete, changes are free for 30 days, after which you have the option of signing up for a monthly maintenance package than can include your mix of changes to the website or SEO/marketing of your business. Packages range from $200 to $800 a month. $200 gets you Facebook and Twitter updates and backlinks as well as minor changes to your website such as text changes. $800 is ‘outsourced’ marketing where we actually write copy for you on your site and others in order to create more backlinks and take up more search engine positions to cast a wider net for search engine traffic. We’ll also be available to take calls from marketing or advertising vendors such as AT&T. You’ll be able to forward them to us to find out the details and negotiate any deals that we may feel are beneficial to you.