• Twitter Ads: My Experiment and the Results

    How Much Does a New Follower Cost on Twitter? That’s what I wanted to find out. I’d never ran a Twitter ad before. You can run ads for more than just new followers, you can also do it to drive more engagement (retweets, favorites, and clicks). I wanted to experiment with gaining new followers. I’d […]

  • Paid Advertising with Google AdWords

    Google AdWords One of the things that can really help get your website traffic fast is paid advertising. We recently helped an Indianapolis dentist get started with paid advertising from Google AdWords. We came up with a marketing plan together and created a budget. We were able to use input from the client and data […]

  • Introduction to Groupons

    Groupons is a company and a website with a unique business model that is mutually beneficial to vendors, customers, and Groupons itself. Vendors like retail outlets contact Groupons about goods or services they would like to package and promote. Groupon reps work with the vendor to create an ad that runs in a daily email […]