• Social Media Dashboards

    Are you still using a spreadsheet to collect your social media data? Me too. Here is how I’m trying to automate marketing analytics. Every morning I manually calculate metrics like the number of Shopify orders, the number of Facebook likes, and the number of Twitter followers (to name a few). I started to wonder, “How […]

  • Job Interview – A Review

    It started out with a verbal technical questionnaire about how I’d merge two data sets. They were mostly Access questions and I didn’t do too hot on these. They use Access to update customer lists using the ‘join’ functions (apparently). Next, I was sat in front of a computer with sample data and asked to […]

  • How to Find Your Top Keywords in the New Google Analytics

    If you’re like me, you had trouble originally finding where the top keywords were in the new Google Analytics dashboard. It used to be under Traffic Sources > Keywords, but now it’s under Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic. Google Analytics Organic Search Keywords report shows Site Usage with Keyword, Visits, Pages/Visit, Average […]