Things have changed. Times are different.

Business owners used to be able to pay the Yellow Pages once per year and get business all year long without having to do anything.
Things have changed. Times are different.
You now have to do content marketing, social media marketing, traditional marketing.
Social media is complicated:

Ambiance Gardens Specializes in Water Landscapes

Ambiance Gardens, a Greenwood, Indiana landscaping company, specializes in water landscapes. They create outdoor atmospheres using a combination of rock, water, and plants to as they say, “Feel the ambiance,” in the outdoors. Erich Stauffer helped Ambiance Gardens with their initial website and more recently on their newly redesigned website. The new design features more information about what Ambiance Garden does, including new products, but it also allows the owner to use it as a sales tool. He can literally sit down with a customer, and use his website first as a brochure, then as a “menu” of sorts. Customers can pick and choose what rock, mulch, and plants they want intermixed with their future landscape. It is incredibly powerful and coupled with the custom promotion package from Erich Stauffer, the website has been a huge success. If you would like help continuing to improve your business’ success, contact Erich Stauffer today.