• I want to learn something new. But what?

    I recently stumbled upon this on Reddit by rtheone, whom I give full credit. The only reason I’m posting this here in full is because of the fickle nature of Reddit (in that it could be deleted at any time), but I thought it should be saved for a while here. They talk about many […]

  • Tools of the Trade

    These are the Windows tools I use to make web sites, which in turn makes me money online. Notepad++ – If you’ve used Windows anytime in the last 25 years you know about Notepad, but don’t let the name fool you, Notepad++ is a notable improvement over Notepad, specifically for programmers. Now you might not […]

  • Google Maps Query String Parameters

    The following is a list of query string parameters that can be passed to Google Maps. These arguments are helpful if you want to get Google Maps to display driving directions, which are not available under the API. Query Translation q= “q” stands for “query” and anything passed in this parameter is treated as if […]