• How to Install WordPress on Root Folder & Sub Folder on a Windows IIS Server at Godaddy

    One of my clients uses Windows hosting on Godaddy. They wanted to host a new WordPress website on a new subdomain when a WordPress website was already installed on the their primary domain. I wasn’t familiar with Windows IIS hosting at the time (WordPress is normally hosted on Linux servers), and so gathering this information […]

  • How to Host a Website Using a Laptop and a 3G Connection

    Web hosting is best in a redundant, highly scalable, and dependable environment like at 1and1 or Bluehost, but I wondered how successful the other end of that spectrum would be. I didn’t know if a smart phone was capable of hosting a web site, but I knew that there’s not much difference between a laptop […]

  • Monthly Website Reports

    Here’s an example of what our customers get from us each month in their Monthly Website Report: Good afternoon. I hope your summer is going well. Attached is your monthly Google Analytics report and a special message below. A Special Message Have you ever thought of an app for your phone that you thought could […]