• Mind your manners and mix your metaphors

    During a rain storm last week, I saw a caterpillar scooting across the sidewalk.  He was trying to get from one rain soaked area of grass, to another.  It seemed like he was going in a new direction to a better, drier place, but he was really going to end up in a location much […]

  • Running into the Future

    This is a guest post written by Zac Parsons: I do not have the body of a runner.  I barely have the body of an athlete.  When I see video of myself in physical activity, I wince like most of us do when we hear our voice on a recording and think “Is that really […]

  • The Birth of a Neighborhood

    This is a guest post by Zac Parsons. Enjoy. – Erich About a year and a half of an earlier stage in my life was spent in the industry of new home sales.  My experience in ministry didn’t pan out as I would have hoped.  I still found myself in a position to want to […]