• Economy 3.0: Employees as Owners

    As we start to climb out of the recession we were in and enter into what some are calling Economy 3.0, a new trend is emerging. More and more bankrupt companies are being bought or given to their employees.

  • Flat is the New Up

    As early as July 2008 Newsweek was reporting that “flat was the new up.” NPR reported it again in December of 2008, and AMNews has again used the term as late as June 22, 2009 in describing medical offices remaining steady against other types of commercial real estate.

  • A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

    Ever wondered what difference a website can make to your local business? This is a story Patrick Neeman told about two business owners he knew personally.  One friend thought his local business was okay without it, while the other followed the path online. Neeman said to his first friend, “Why don’t you have a small […]