• How Distributed Power Production and Storage Is Changing

    We are witnessing a new paradigm in energy production and usage akin to the transition from gas lamps and candles to electric lightbulbs and public utilities. In the late 1800’s building owners installed coal-powered dynamos in basements to provide electricity to the tenants above. Tomorrow, solar power panels on rooftops will provide power for the […]

  • Plug-In Solar Panels

    No electrician necessary. While white roof paint is a great way to save energy, sometimes you want to make more energy too. This UL-listed 120-Volt AC solar kit is truly “plug & play”. The 240-Watt “DeckPower120” is designed for ease of use and allows you to simply mount to a deck or outside post with […]

  • White Roof Paint

    White Roof Paint is White Elastomeric Roof Coating White roof paint is different than normal exterior paint. It’s elastomeric, which means that after drying, it resembles rubber, yet resumes its original shape when a deforming force is removed, and it’s reflective. Reflecting the sun’s light and UV rays means it’s also reflecting the sun’s heat […]