• Business Cards vs Email Marketing

    I recently sent a “soapbox” email to a couple of friends about how I’ve felt recently about business cards in relation to networking and building up your business through local interactions. I’m currently in the process of building up my business consulting business again and I’ve been thinking a lot about networking I did in […]

  • On Developing Our Professional Email Signature Product

    Recently, like Seth Godin suggested, we started looking for way to “redefine a service as a product”. We’ve found that custom HTML email signatures was a way to use our web design and email management skills to create  an introductory product that’s great for a wide variety of clients. Our typical clients are independent business owners […]

  • Indianapolis Dentist Hires Pre-Med Teen as Summer Intern

    Indianapolis dentist, Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, has hired a local high school graduate, Kishan, to intern this summer before entering the Pre-Med program at Duke University thus fall. Kishan graduated at the top of his class, but hopes to learn from one the best dentists in town. Dr. Reese allows Kishan to shadow him […]