• Jobs, Grants, and Everything Else

    This is a blog post about jobs, work, getting grants, writing books, watching movies, the state of the Maker culture, and everything Elon Musk is doing nowadays. It started with a conversation I had last night with my wife’s cousin’s husband about these things. This is a summary of that conversation and of my current interests […]

  • Are Common Sayings Useful?

    When something hasn’t been accomplished, a common saying is: We can land a man on the moon, but we can’t…” What would we be saying if this had never happened? When something new is released, a common saying is: The best thing since sliced bread.” Before sliced bread you had to slice your own bread. […]

  • My CEO Heroes

    I am going to write about a couple of my CEO heroes, Howard Schultz of Starbucks and Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla Motors.  Previously I wrote about my media heroes, which included two CEOs, Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg, but when I classify ‘CEO’ heroes I value the entrepreneurial spirit and management style of […]