• Too Much Content – Advice I Love to Ignore

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told there is too much content I’d have, like $5. The thing I see right away in the content is that there is far too much content. MORE PICTURES!!” -Sam, Web Designer, 11/16/2012 I agree! We need more pictures. Who’s going to take them? When […]

  • Content Management Systems vs. Managing Content

    If I were tweeting today I would have wrote: WordPress is not so much a content management system as much as a content display system. A content management system (CMS) designed by Erich Stauffer would allow content to be platform-agnostic. In DRY (don’t repeat yourself) terms, the content would be an object who’s repurposing could […]

  • Customer Acquisition Systems in a Marketing Ecosystem

    You may have heard of “marketing platforms“, but I’d like to introduce what I’d like to call “marketing ecosystems”. What is a Marketing Ecosystem? While a marketing platform contains a ‘home base’ such as a web site and its corresponding marketing channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Books – a Marketing Ecosystem takes a slightly […]