• We Found an Abandoned Pipe Organ in an Old Church! Does it Work?

    My kids’s mom was remodeling an old church into apartments and found an old pipe organ, but does it work?

  • The History of Fair Haven Christian Church

    In June of 1953, Fair Haven Christian Church had its first church service. It was held in Charlie Brackman’s living room. There were 64 people there so the kids had to sit on the stairs. Five families attended, including the Allen’s, the Coy’s, the Brackman’s, the Hook’s, and the Burgett’s. Orville Coy donated the land for […]

  • Vermillion Christian Church

    Vermillion Christian ChurchVermillion Christian Church is located in Alexandria, Indiana which serves the Central Indiana area including Hamilton, Delaware, Tipton, and Howard counties. For more information, check out http://www.vermillionchristian.com. Update: Victory ChapelVictory Chapel is a Christian Church located in Pendleton, Indiana which serves the greater Pendleton community. Visit Victory Chapel’s website today for more information […]