• Business Plans – Are They Worth It?

    I’m not a big fan of business plans, but apparently that’s not always been the case. In my Google Drive there is a folder called “Business Plans”. Inquisitively I clicked on the folder to see what it contained. My last modification was on April 10, 2008 (6 years ago). None of the five businesses listed […]

  • How Can I Better Market My Business?

    One of the questions I often get asked is, “How can I better market my business?” 10 Things You Can do to Market Your Business Remove obstacles stopping customers from giving you money – How can someone buy your product or service? How many clicks does it take? How many forms do they have to […]

  • Be the Benefit, not the Butler

    How can I move away from ‘being the butler’ to ‘being the benefit’ to my client? When you’re a business consultant who works on retainer without any long-term project goals, there is a tendency for the relationship to become more responsive and less proactive. Instead of always ‘seeking to add value’, it can trend towards […]