• Plug-In Solar Panels

    No electrician necessary. While white roof paint is a great way to save energy, sometimes you want to make more energy too. This UL-listed 120-Volt AC solar kit is truly “plug & play”. The 240-Watt “DeckPower120” is designed for ease of use and allows you to simply mount to a deck or outside post with […]

  • Turning Problems into Solutions: C02 to Gasoline

    In August, 2007 President Bush created a DARPA for Energy (DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  One of it’s goals was to turn carbon dioxide into fuel.  By December, 2007 Sandia National Laboratories, where DARPA is located, announced the Sandia’s “Sunshine to Petrol” project which uses a “Counter Rotating RingReceiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5, […]