In business, I’ve been able to maintain my bills so far, but this week has been the closest ever. It gets scary sometimes, but I do enjoy the freedom.

Seth Godin wrote recently that we’ll always have pain, so we should stop thinking that the next gig will be pain-free. It helped me realize I have that mindset of thinking that “if I just get a better client, I won’t have the pain, or if I just get a better job, I won’t have the pain.” The pain comes from living in a fallen world I think and it’s going to be with us till we get to heaven.

Personally, I’m struggling to get my weight down. All that eating to stay awake with the paper route hasn’t gone away. Part of the reason I left First Merchants was to eat better, eat less, and exercise more. I’ve done those things, but I’m still the same weight. I think the only thing left is to do some lifting or muscle building.