Good Guy Greg

“It is entirely inconceivable to the world that Steve Jobs would have been given a resurrection body that is imperishable only for the purpose of being able to endure God’s wrath into eternity future. We Christians do a great unloving disservice to the world when we don’t affirm the theology of hell – the gospel without an unmerited escape from God’s wrath doesn’t make sense.”

I read today that the gates of hell were locked from the inside. That didn’t make sense to me. Death is scary. Hell is scary. Both are pretty much unknowns as no one seems to come back (accept the one who did, but he left to sit and intercede and stuff).

What does the world need? More hell? Earth’s pretty bad sometimes. I just wish people would realize they are being given every breath they take from God. I have to admit this conversation is somewhat biased by one of the top 10 albums of all time, just Don’t Let it Break Your Heart.

People don’t care what you know. They just want to know you care. WE CARE A LOT. Be a good guy, Greg.