Business Thinker and Rational Architect

I just took a new career finder test at Shobia after reading about it on Hacker News. I had my wife take it first as a control. She got “Business Interactor”, which means she may, “like interacting with other people, especially when it is in a professional work setting like in a company,” and she probably wants, “a job where you’re talking to people in order to make things happen. You might enjoy being a business development associate or political campaign manager.”

Business ThinkerWhen I took it I got, “Business Thinker,” which means I, “like work dealing with companies and financial topics that involve thinking and coming up with ideas. You want to deal with questions like how a company can become more efficient. Careers you might enjoy include business consulting or being a corporate attorney.” Well they were almost right. They asked for feedback so I told them, “I wouldn’t like to be a corporate attorney”.

Back in January I took the DiSC Personality Profile. The feedback it gave was very long, but in short, I’m an “SC” (Submission and Compliance), which means I’m analytical, systematic, even-tempered, and patient. I “show steadiness and consistency, and I tend to be conscientious and reliable. Overall I probably want to be known as someone people can count on. Compared to others, I have more patience for routine projects. Most likely, I plan ahead, allowing enough time to complete my responsibilities at the pace I prefer.”

That’s also true. Nice job, tests! Ready for one more? Back in 2010 I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and found I was an ENTJ (The Executive), but after taking it today I found I was a INTP (Rational Architect – I’ve always wanted to be an architect!). The primary difference between the two is the movement from thinking “extroverted” to thinking “introverted” and from “judging” to “perceiving”. If this interests you, see my other online career tests and what I found out about myself.