10 Online Learning Courses and Class Resources

We live in a unique time where information is free (or nearly free) and the problem is no longer access to information, but organizing it and finding it in the form we need it. Many organizations are taking up this challenge by curating online learning courses for public consumption.

Some are geared towards a particular industry, while others are general. Some are “pay monthly for full access” and others are “pay for each course individually”, while still others are totally free.

The following is a list of links to resources where you can search for online learning classes and courses:

General Courses

Red Hoop – a search engine for online learning courses. It searches sites like Udemy, Lynda, PluralSight, Skillfeed, Tuts+, Learnable, Treehouse, Code School, TrainSimple, Udacity, Digital-Tutors, SkillShare, creativeLIVE, edX, Coursera, General Assembly, Khan Academy, Craftsy, CreatorUp, Grovo, MIT OCW, NovoEd, Open2Study, and creativebug.

iTunes U – you can’t actually search iTunes from the web – you’ll have to download and install the app on your computer – but it’s a great resource for free classes from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkely, and Oxford. Mashable has their list of the top 10 classes on iTunes.


Indiana Career Connect Education Resources – contains links to Training Providers and Schools, Training and Education Programs, Education Program Completers, Financial Assistance Links, Online Learning Resources, and Education Profile Informer.

Coursera – Take the world’s best courses, online, for free. Coursera has a lot of business, science, and technical classes.

Udemy – Your place to learn real world skills online. A mix of general, business, and technical classes – some are free, some are paid. When paid, you pay per course. You can also get paid to make your own class.

Skillshare – Online classes and inspiring projects that fit your schedule. Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of classes for $9.95 a month – includes a 7-day free trial. Classes range from business to technical.

Khan Academy – Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and more. For free. For everyone. Forever. No ads, no subscriptions. They are a not‑for‑profit because they believe in a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Lynda – Online video tutorials to help you learn software, creative, and business skills. Starts at $25 a month.

YouTube – despite the large amount of information, courses can be hard to find on Youtube unless you use some filtering. After doing an initial search for your keyword, click the “Filters” dropdown and then click “Playlist” to see curated content.


Technology Courses

Treehouse – learn to make websites, apps, and code. Learn as much as you want for $25 a month.

Codecademy – Learn to code interactively, for free.