How to Get More Followers on Periscope: 5 Ways

Periscope is the new video streaming service from Twitter. It lets you stream video live from your smartphone to anyone with the app or via their website (if published).

But how do you get more viewers to watch your Periscopes?

  1. Make a title that intrigues people to watch (definitely don’t leave it blank)
  2. Make sure the “Twitter Post” icon is selected when you’re starting a new Periscope
  3. Encourage or incentivize people to like the Periscope by tapping the screen
  4. Follow more people on Periscope. Like Twitter, they may follow you back
  5. Instead of making it public, choose the private option and invite specific people to watch

Periscope Followers

How can brands use Periscope for marketing?

  • Have a celebrity “take over” the company Periscope for a live broadcast
  • Showcase company culture & the people behind the brand
  • Live Q&A sessions and instant feedback
  • Sneak peeks and teasers
  • Build and interact with community

How are you using Periscope? Got any tricks or tips for use? It’s still a relatively new program so I’m sure there will be more new features and announcements to come, but for now, get as big a following as you can!