December 2011 Update

This has been a busy month. We’ve been developing a new WordPress theme for use with all of our sites and it’s working really well. Let’s cover the sites recently converted to the new theme this past month.

Managing Actions was converted from a management consulting business to a web site about management consulting.  The SDN continues to create fake news and has just recently started posting about individual topics versus news-bytes from its newsletter. eAccessories has had a lot of success this past Christmas season promoting ereader accessories along with Nook Share, which promotes nook covers.  Mobile Devices continues to cover – yep you guessed it – mobile devices, but now with the new, refreshed theme. Suzanne has began writing again on her popular motivated moms blog, And They Lived Happily Ever After, which also has a new, albeit different, theme. An Entrepreneurial Mind continues to add new posts and insights into what Erich is working on, dovetailing with eRich Online, which covers how to make money online. Learning Sets is a brand new site, but is already doing well, helping parents and teachers find educational science kits and toys for kids.  Lost Post, a blog about ABC’s LOST and pop culture in general, was also converted.  Query String, a web site that helps programmers find Google Map query string arguments, was also converted. Digitions, a blog about digital editions of books, magazines, and newspapers, has also been converted.  Geek Hand, which we wrote about in July when it was introduced, has also been converted and will soon be covering board game tournaments. Another one of our new blogs, C’outure, is now promoting high fashion clothes and accessories. Ether Fleet, formerly a network consulting service, now reports on cloud computing and GPS tracking software using the new theme. Stay Alert Energy is as bright as ever, continuing to post on how to stay alert. Erich Stauffer, the web site about the figurine designer for Arnart creations, has now branched out to cover porcelain figurines and other collectibles.  Webories, a web directories catalog, is now up and running after a long planning session.  And the last two new sites, Nookington’s and Item Processing, are both on the new theme and are providing quality content on Wii games, hardware, and accessories and items processing terms, respectively.

Stay tuned as Cost Publishing continues to grow and provide guides to those looking to find information on the Internet.  Cost Publishing works hand-in-hand with the search engines to bring you relevant information about what you are looking for online.  Follow Cost Publishing on Twitter for more up to date information.