What Do You Want?

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time or money to accomplish your goals? It’s something I hear a lot from the business owners I consult with. It typically goes something like this:

I’d like more sales, but I don’t have the time or money required to acquire new customers.

The first two questions I normally ask in response is:

  1. If you had more sales, would your current processes be able to handle the work load?
  2. Is there anything you can stop doing or pause temporarily to give you margins in time or money?

Intention Sets Direction

Not being about to “see the forest for the tree” is a very real phenomenon and it’s how outside mentors, coaches, and consultants can offer real value to business owners who seek out their services, but they have to want to change.

Take a moment to think back on the choices you’ve made in your life. Was there ever a time that you really wanted something? I’d venture to bet that you actually achieved it. Things you want you usually end up getting over time.

Conversely, has there ever been anything someone has told you you should be doing, but you didn’t really want to do? There’s a high chance that you never ended up doing it or never did it very well.

Limiting Beliefs

Unfortunately, the problems usually have nothing to do with the ability to make time or spend money, but in the mindset of the business owner and the perception of his or her own business operations.

Many times the way the business owner thinks about themselves or their business is the very thing blocking the business from achieving it’s stated goals. They are literally “their own worst enemy.”

It’s hard for some people to understand that their business problems may be emotional, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. So what can a business owner do when they feel overwhelmed, stuck, or worse: self-sabotaging?

  • Ask what fears, doubts, and negative beliefs are they holding onto that they can release
  • State the worst case scenario; will anyone die? get dismembered?
  • Who to forgive? Others? Yourself?
  • What thoughts are they thinking? Are they useful?
  • What to stop, start, or change

It could be that what the business owner really wants is a counselor to listen to their problems and that they have no intention of changing anything about their business. It’s important that they realize that, too.

One way to define success is “where you are right now”. There is a tendency to always want to grow, but if you are already busy, then ask yourself why you want more. More money or time to do more may not be what you actually want.