EMD Consultants – Backflow Prevention Success

Environmental Management and Development, Inc., or EMD Consultants, is a Lynn, Indiana based water consultant and backflow prevention device specialist. They help manage the growing demands from federal, state, and local requirements for water management and cross connections. Erich Stauffer designed and created a website for EMD Consultants so that they could better serve their current and future customers in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Erich Stauffer even created a separate domain for the backflow prevention and cross connection controls at http://www.midwestbackflow.com and at http://www.indianabackflow.biz. “Indiana Backflow” was EMD Consultants primary keyword and as of May 16, 2009, EMD Consultants ranks #4 and #5 on Google for those keywords. If you would like similar success promoting your business, please contact Erich Stauffer.