• Google Talk Notification Extensions

    This document describes the XMPP extensions that notify clients about email in their Gmail account. Google does not intend for this extension to become a standard and so it is subject to change. Element or Attribute Translation <mailbox> Outer wrapper element for all email information. result-time The time these results were generated, in milliseconds since […]

  • Youtube Query String Arguments

    These are the query string parameters (also called arguments) that get tagged at the end of a Youtube URL. They are the ampersands (“&”) and text at the end of a web address (URL). In the case of Youtube, this string of of code is the query string parameters and it adds functionality to what […]

  • Google Mail (Gmail) Query String Parameters

    Gmail Query String Parameters To pass these Gmail query string parameters on to Google Mail, simply paste the query into Gmail’s search box. Query Translation from: Used to specify the sender. to: Used to specify a recipient. subject: Search for words in the subject line OR Search for messages matching term A or term B […]