• AVG 2012

    If you use AVG anti-virus software, which many of our clients do, you may have noticed a new pop-up that looks something like this.  It’s advertising a free upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011 or a paid upgrade to AVG Internet Security 2012.  Either one is fine and you can feel free to click the […]

  • Windows XP Support Ends in August, 2014

    As you may remember, even in 2011, I’m still installing XP for clients, but just so you’re aware, support for XP ends in August, 2014. According to Microsoft Support Lifecycle, support for Windows XP will end on August 4, 2014. Most companies still on Windows XP are skipping Windows Vistafor Windows 7, which will probably still be […]

  • Welcome Tipton County Pork Festival Visitors

    If you had the opportunity to watch the Tipton County Pork Festival parade on Thursday, you may have recieved a flyer about Erich Stauffer’s services. If so, thanks for visiting our page. We offer several services to help you with technology whether that be your computer or your phone. If you’re wondering what the strange […]