• Driving by the Future – Without Ever Knowing It

    I’m in Kokomo, IN this week, at a branch just off of US 31. I drove by this branch on the way to Niles, MI back in 1999 on the way to Michiana Christian Service Camp. The camp cook often visited a past family member at the graveyard just down the street from my home […]

  • Review of a Self-Help Dropout

    It’s as if Chris Hardwick asked WIRED, “Is there anything I can do to re-inspire confidence in your magazine with Jason Cobb?  He’s been reading your magazine since your covers featured tight-fisted EFF logos, even before Marc Andreesen launched Netscape. He’s the rebellious teenage hacker whose grown up to work in an office everyday, but […]

  • Road Trip to Columbus with Jason

    Geek Road Trip Columbus Ohio Coffee Shop There were a lot of men, most sitting alone with their notebooks, in this coffee shop in downtown Columbus. Jason got a cappacino and I got a vanilla latte. It was pretty dang good, the best I’ve had in a while. Best Buds Columbus at night–on the move. […]