Are You Comfortable?

Are you comfortable?How do you feel right now? Are you tired? Maybe a little hungry? Do you need to use the restroom? Are you reading this because you are bored? These are all reasons I have used to get out of working or doing whatever it is I was supposed to be doing at the time. In school I would wait or arrange for conditions to be perfect before ever starting on a homework assignment, which meant that I hardly ever did them (or at least did them well).

How comfortable do you think your muscles get when you work out lifting weights or when you run or jog? How comfortable does your mind get when it is forced to think new thoughts, create new solutions, or solve problems? Before your muscles can grow, they have to expand and rip. And when your mind learns a new thought, it creates a little ripple in your brain. It has to ripple because its expanding, just like your skin gets rippled when it soaks up water in the tub or the pool.

In the same way, getting out of your comfort zone will help you expand and grow your self as a person. You may have heard preachers or motivational speakers talk of going out on a limb, having faith, trusting in yourself, or pushing the envelope. T. Harv Eker says that if you are not growing, you are dying. This may be an extreme example, but it helps set the tone of what I am trying to convey to you.

If you never try anything new, how can anything new happen to you? If you don’t like where you are now, then get moving and do something else. You are probably not being forced to do something or live somewhere. It may be your current situation, but it does not have to be your future situation. T. Harv Eker talks about the “corridor,” which is the area just inside the field in which you would like to enter. Even if you don’t get exactly where you want to go, it begins by getting your foot in the door, or simply put, taking that first step.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. This is when your mind is filling your spirit with lead by pouring out it’s unlimited supply of limiting thoughts. Learn the mechanisms to recognize and let go of limiting thoughts. Your thoughts are your own and can be manipulated how you see fit. Nothing has meaning unless you assign it meaning. Just because you have a thought does not make it real or valid or worth keeping. Learn to let it go and start to cultivate the thoughts that support the position you want to be in. Get out of your comfort zone.

Try Something New

Tomorrow, take a different path to school, to work, or to the public library. Make it a point to talk to one person you’ve never met and ask them at least three questions about themselves. Pay attention to your thoughts. Only allow thoughts that support whatever your goals are. Thoughts that work against you, realize that they are not true, then let them go. If you do these things you are on a path towards a life that is closer to your new reality and your goals. You have taken the first step.

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