Top Posts and Keywords for December 2012

In this 714th post, I discuss my top content, keywords, and income for this website.

Ecclesiastes 3:5 says that there is, “A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones. A time to embrace and a time to turn away (NLT).” Since 2007 I have been purchasing domains for speculation or use, but lately I have been condensing the total number of domains I own. Most of the time I roll them into this blog, but this led to a big pile of disjointed posts that had no real, central meaning. I recently spent a day consolidating the post categories down to 9 main categories + 1 called “Tweets” and then redesigned the homepage to showcase the last 3 posts with a thumbnail + the most popular posts + the last 5 posts from the 9 main categories. This is how I overcame the problem. Looking back, the solution seems simple, but there was a lot of work in eliminating and combining categories for hundreds of posts + the custom programming of the home page to do what it’s doing “automatically”.

Here is a List of Former Domains Included in


Audience Overview

The spike in traffic you see at the left edge of the image above is from combining all posts from the old Watershawl site into this blog. As you can see, the traffic didn’t continue and tapered off, despite leaving the posts in place. Total visits were 2,268 with 2,077 being unique. There were 3,504 pageviews with 1.54 pages per visit. The bounce rate was 75.13%, which is slightly higher than last month. Most people used Chrome (25.5%) followed by Internet Explorer (22.5%), Firefox (20.9%), and Safari (18.5%). Most visits were from New York City (166) followed by Fishers, Indiana (35), San Francisco (33), Chicago (26) and Indianapolis (25). Internet Explorer being topped by Chrome means that the addition of new technical content on mobile devices and query strings has attracted a more technical crowd compared to last month.

Top 10 Content

The three posts to fall out of the top ten were Arnart’s Erich Stauffer Fake Hummels (45), Email (49), and My CEO Heroes (6).

Top 10 Keywords


  • erich stauffer – 55 visits
  • – 39 visits
  • forward text messages to email – 22 visits
  • college club website – 13 visits
  • erich stauffer figurines – 13 visits
  • arnart imports – 12 visits
  • erich stauffer collectibles – 11 visits
  • collegeclub email – 10 visits
  • erich stauffer figurine prices – 10 visits
  • erich stauffer 8515 – 9 visits

Despite the new, technical content from, the only change in the top keywords was the addition of “forward text messages to email.”

Top 10 Sources

Erich Stauffer on Twitter

  • – 102 visits
  • – 38 visits
  • – 10 visits
  • – 7 visits
  • – 6 visits
  • – 6 visits
  • – 5 visits
  • – 5 visits
  • – 4 visits
  • – 4 visits

I was pleased to see Twitter ( in the mix this time and I am sure this has mostly to do with my testing of the Tweetily plugin to automatically and randomly send links to old WordPress posts.

Income Stats

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program: 82 Items Ordered – 78 Items Shipped – $150 Advertising Fees
Google Adsense: $127 Estimate

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  • Eric| January 16, 2013

    This is a well explained and very open information. It looks like your continue to build and add to this blog. 714th post a lot of work!

    Just wanted to stop by and check out what’s new with you!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Erich Stauffer| January 18, 2013

      Thanks, Eric. I learned about SEO and Internet marketing from you and I won’t forget it!